[CUWiN] the future... ?

Chase Phillips shepard at ameth.org
Tue Oct 5 11:13:02 CDT 2004

On Tue, 5 Oct 2004, Ian White wrote:

> Hi,
> Can you tell me where CUWiN is heading ? The frontpage is out of date by a
> couple of months, and the technical docs appear to imply a year's worth of work
> ahead.

Personally, I'm overloaded and have neglected to update the front page of
the website as we prepare for our next public software release.  We will
roll out a new download section at the same time which we hope presents
the information about the release in a clear way.

Regarding project direction others (like Sascha and Dave) can fill you in
on long-range plans.  So far, though, I know that January 1, 2005 is a big
date as an OSI benchmark where a lot of functionality is due to be in

> I'm coming from the the direction of MeshAp (ADOV) and Locustworld, but have
> concerns about the open-sourceness of that project.
> I'm looking for the kind of functions that LW offer but with a true open-source
> project with people able to take the project forward.
> I see that the software is pretty open, and I'm not sure how the routing etc
> works, but I'm looking for
> 1) Cheap PC solutions, capable of having repeater and multi-gateway meshes
> 2) Login Security - Nocat appear pretty standard, and I've got no issues with
> hacking it
> 3) Network security ? IPsec between nodes, and new nodes requiring a 'mesh' cert
> to be able to join the mesh, and stop rogue nodes.
> 4) VPN support. Many clients are using VPN to connect to their office networks.
> Rgds
> Ian
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