[CUWiN] configuring a node

Shankar Rao srrao at uiuc.edu
Sun Oct 10 23:02:43 CDT 2004

[I tried sending this to the mailing list and it bounced. Could you 
forward this to that list?]

Hello all,

I live on the corner of High and Birch at 311 1/2 W. High St in Urbana. 
My roommate and I installed an antenna rig provided by the cuwireless 
project on our chimney. We are connecting the antenna to a P2-400 
machine with a Belkin F5D6001 802.11b PCI wireless, which I believe is 
supported by the software. When I turn on the machine with the node 
software on a CD, I can see on the screen the single line of output 
"NetBSD something something" and that's it. I have a laptop with a 
wireless card and it can detect a "cuw" computer network that I believe 
is my node, as well as a "high" network. However, I don't seem to 
receive any internet access from this node, when I use the ethernet 
cable. It seems that my laptop, when connected to the node by ethernet, 
is getting assigned an IP address. It also seems that there is an SSH 
server on the node that I can attempt to connect (although I don't know 
any login id or password with which to do so).

I think one of two things may be happening:

1.> The node software is not configured properly, so it isn't talking 
to the other nodes in the area

2.> The antenna is not picking up any signals from any other nodes.

I hope that the first case is true. Can anyone help me out with this?


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