[CUWiN] C-U Wireless Project

kathy carlson kcarlso99 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 10 00:03:17 CDT 2004


I have a PC currently connected to the internet via a
router and cable modem (no wireless card, but that can
easily be added).  I am also considering purchasing an
apple powerbook, which comes with a built-in 802.11g
AirPort Extreme.  I live in Urbana at 803 S Coler, in
a condo building (6 units).

That being said, what do I need to become part of the
CU Wireless network?  Do I need to purchase a Metrix
Mark I router ($330.00)?  And then assemble and
install the node?  I've read the directions for
assembling the Metrix-based node and it seems a bit
confusing (I'm not the best with this stuff).  I'm
more than willing to work with an "expert" to install
the node, I'm just not sure I understand how to do it
on my own.  

Finally, how reliable is the network?  I work at home
twice a week and depend on internet connectivity.

I think the CUWiN project is a wonderful idea and
would like to be part of it.  I just need more
information on what I need to do.  


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