[CUWiN] Questions for Case Study from University of Leiden, School of Mangement

Jeanne Boitano jeanne_boitano at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 9 14:20:42 CDT 2004

To Whom it May Concern:


I am Jeanne Boitano, currently an MBA student at Leiden University School of Management in the Netherlands. 

As part of our Information Management course our team has been asked to prepare a case study regarding some issues that Wireless Leiden is currently facing, or could possibly face in the near future.  The issue that our team has been presented with in regards to the case is whether or not the existing volunteers-only organization should professionalize now that the 'movement' is growing from a small group of pioneers to a large user base, that includes thousands of users including many companies in the community. 


We are in the process of looking at similar projects to Wireless Leiden to see if they have faced similar questions and issues.  My team and I would be very grateful if you could share your thoughts on the following questions.  


Has the  CUWiN project ever faced the issue of professionalizing its services, or part of the services?  


Do you see any benefits or harm to offer professional services such as a helpdesk, installation support and sale of equipment ?


Have you considered specific "Service Level Agreements" for different types of users, and provide more service to those that sponsor or pay ?  Do you see this as conflicting with the idealistic roots which the CUWiN project was established under ?  


Any additional thoughts on the issue ? 


Thank you in advance for your help, and your prompt reply would be greatly appreciated!


Look forward to hearing you soon.



Jeanne Boitano

Leiden University School of Management
Leiden, The Netherlands
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