[CUWiN] configuring a node

Shankar Rao srrao at uiuc.edu
Thu Oct 14 13:37:19 CDT 2004

On Oct 13, 2004, at 6:22 PM, David Young wrote:

> You downloaded it from our website, then?  I don't think 0.5.3 has any
> user accounts.  You have to login as root on the console.  Password is
> "changeme." :-)

Can I just ssh in from my laptop? How can I login from the console? Do 
I need a keyboard that plugs in to the serial port of the computer?

>> When I checked at 1:30 pm today, the "cuw" network has BSSID
>> 02:02:72:6F:B7:8C .
> That is our network.

So does that mean that my node is on the network, or does it mean that 
my laptop is consistently detecting some node with this BSSID on the 
network? An unscientific test seems to indicate that I can see this 
network only when the node is powered on.

>> I have noticed that the BSSID changes every time I
>> reboot the node.
> Every time?

Hmmm.. actually now I'm not sure. Is it possible I am detecting other 
"cuw" networks as well? When I came home yesterday, there was, at one 
point, four different "cuw" networks, each with a different BSSID, and 
each with different signal.


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