[CUWiN] Fwd: ad hoc umbrella networks

Andrew andrew at funferal.org
Fri Sep 3 11:19:31 CDT 2004

More for fun than anything else, but it may have practical 


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> From: Brian Foley <bfoley at dcs.warwick.ac.uk>
> Hi Andrew,
> You've probably seen this already, but I thought it might interest 
> you...
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/09/02/bluetooth_umbrella/
> Cheers,
> B.
> -- 
> If you want a vision of the future, it is a wireless broadband network
> feeding requests for foreign money-laundering assistance into a human
> temporal lobe, forever. With banner ads.
>     -- John M. Ford

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