[CUWiN] highly interested in the project

Frank Keeney la at pasadena.net
Sat Sep 4 12:38:45 CDT 2004

Where are you in Los Angeles?
There are a few projects here in the works  like http://www.laawrn.org 
Looks like we may have a mountain top location in the next month or two to
feed other locations.

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 On Behalf Of Marcelino Pena

My name is Marcelino Peña and I live in Southern California, Los Angeles.  I
was wondering if I would be able to install an antenna in my house for your
wonderful internet connection idea.  I'm not sure if your network has
reached to California but if it has could you provide some instruction on
what one needs to do in order to get access.
I currently am working in getting a computer sometime this upcoming winter
so that gives me some time to work with any technicalities you might provide
(such as getting the antenna or whatever). 
Thanks for your help,
Marcelino Peña

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