[CUWiN] code audit; testing

Arun Bhalla bhalla at uiuc.edu
Tue Sep 21 13:57:56 CDT 2004

David Young writes:
> Is anybody interested in auditing CUWiN's HSLS/ETX code for memory leaks,
> buffer overflows, and other flaws?  I get the feeling that the routing
> code has had very few eyes on it, apart from Bryan's and mine.

This sounds like you'd be best off with Coverity
(http://www.coverity.com/).  Zach and I know one of the founders; maybe
Zach could convince him to run their code analysis software on CUWiN's

Barring that, you might give http://smatch.sourceforge.net/ a try.  It's
based on the same papers as Coverity, but uh, the Coverity peeps wrote
those papers.


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