[CUWiN] Case for WiMax follow-up

Carl007 Carl007 at comcast.net
Thu Sep 23 01:22:20 CDT 2004

For those interested in learning more about WiMax, the Intel link below
provides a good overview.

Basically, the case for WiMax,802.16xx,is that it is being designed from
the ground up for long path (Pt-to-Pt) and WAN coverage. This was not
the case for WLAN, 802.11xx. It appears that WiMax will have most of the
bandwidth benefits of WLANs and the coverage of next generation, 3G
UMTS, networks.

In retrospect, Intel came too late to being a player in the WLAN arena.
Intel is at best a 'me too' technology player.

It appears now that Intel does not want to miss the next technology wave
and is gearing up to be on the first WiMax car behind the train engine
Vs waiting for the caboose. 

I have no business interest in WiMax; It is still at an early
development stage. The carriers and spectrum space is still in the

I can still remember attending the first IEEE Conference when 802.11 was
introduced. I believe it was at a Communications Society session in
1997. There were no sub-set alpha letters than. The presenter was very
excited about the breakthrough speed at 1 Mbps. By the way, the last
time WLAN was truly a spread spectrum technology is when its data rate
was/is at 1 Mbps. 

In recent times, we have gone from three utility payments: natural
gas/oil, Electric, and POTs telephone service to: Basic Cable TV plus
Premium Cable or Satellite TV plus premium; Cellular telephone basic
plus premium data services; dial-up modem to Cable Modem or DSL modem
plus a Web site to have Internet access and your own 'on-line business
card'; telephone over IP/VoIP (Vonage); service for driving emergencies
e.g. AAA or OnStar.

I did not count the above because it depends if you're a 'basic' player
or a 'premium' player. But for most of us, we have at least seven (7)
new monthly bills Vs three(3)in recent times(for me 15 years ago).  In
reality you probably have 12 credit card payments annually too Vs
skipping a few months in between with charges.

Intel and others are betting that WiMax will be just one more monthly
billing for you. 

See:  http://developer.intel.com/technology/itj/index.htm

Carl Kolenda
RF WAN/LAN Consultant

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