[CUWiN] cuwin on wrt54g?

ap scrapinhere at gmx.net
Wed Feb 2 11:15:08 CST 2005

hello cuwin people!

i have been reading about the hsls algorithm a while ago, i was surpised 
that it is alredy implemented.

we currently have a ~30 node network of fixed nodes here in vienna that 
runs on openwrt and olsr, nerarly all of them are wrt54g devices and 
some are old PCs. we also have some notebooks running windows, mostly as 
mobile clients. not all connections are wireless, we have wired links 
and openvpn tunnels at certain points.

or homepage is at www.funkfeuer.at (in german)

we recently switched from hop-count to etx metric, which gave a big 
boost in terms of network stability. though it runs quite well, i would 
like to try out different sortware, because i have concerns towards the 
scalability of olsr. the number of control messages increases linearily 
with the network size, and the number of members is growing steadily.

is it possible to run the cuwin software on a wrt54g device, or more 
generally speaking on any linux system?

is it possible to run just the hslsd and omit the other software that is 

why exactly do you need special support from the wireless chipsets? i 
always thought the routing protocol just needs a working ip layer. the 
wireless driver for the broadcom chipset may be closed, but it works 
quite good on openwrt.

andreas petersson

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