[CUWiN] cuwin on wrt54g?

Sascha Meinrath sascha at ucimc.org
Wed Feb 2 12:29:59 CST 2005

hi andreas,

> is it possible to run the cuwin software on a wrt54g device, or more 
> generally speaking on any linux system?

not yet.  i know that several folks are working on various ports of the 
system -- but i don't believe anyone is working on a wrt54g port.

> is it possible to run just the hslsd and omit the other software that is 
> included?

you can run it stand-alone, but you'd also need use zebra/quagga to make 
it do anything.  i'm just checking in with one of our developers, he 
thinks we're currently using .93b of zebra -- but you'll also have to add 
some local patches to make it work.  you can follow up with the 
cu-wireless-dev at cuwireless.net list if you have other technical questions.


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