[CUWiN] Routeviz and the web interface seem broken

Bryan Cribbs bdcribbs at ojctech.com
Fri Feb 4 12:13:30 CST 2005

* Bob Ney <bney at quiknet.com> :
> I am running a test with 2 nodes. Default firmware loads in both.  I
> can ping across the two nodes, but routeviz on each node only shows
> the local node. 

RouteViz gets data from /var/db/vizlinks, can you see both nodes 
listed in there?  Can you verify that hslsd and routevizd are both 
running ('/etc/rc.d/hslsd status'  or  'pgrep hslsd').

> Also, when I use the reconfigure to change the ssid, nodename etc, the
> saved result does not take effect immediately without a reboot, I can
> understand how that might be true, however after reboot, the ssid
> fields in the config files are blank and the radio cards do not come
> up.

All changes should take effect immediately without a reboot,
it looks like that may be a bug, I will look into it.  After 
the reboot, can you check if the file /etc/cuw_config is empty?
That is an OS problem we've seen before with writing to flash cards.
We implemented a workaround, but if the workaround isn't working 
that's a critical problem to address.

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