[CUWiN] Replace the landline?

Sascha Meinrath sascha at ucimc.org
Sat Jul 30 21:44:49 CDT 2005

Hi Seth,

Seth Price wrote:
> Hello wireless folk! I just finished a Comp. Sci. BS degree at the  
> Univ. of Wisc. Madison and I'm going to be moving to Urbana in a few  
> weeks. My wife and I are trying to go without a phone land line and  we 
> don't watch any cable tv, but we both require internet access. It  seems 
> that quality internet access is hard to come by without paying  for 
> either of those lines. So this is where you guys come in.
> Is CUWiN reliable enough for it to replace my current land line? What  
> is the normal bandwidth that I would get? Anyone know how strong the  
> signal is at the corner of Race St. and E. Washington? Are there any  
> other low cost options for broadband access in the area? I've waited  
> longer than I should to compose this message, so a fast reply would  be 
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Seth

Thanks for writing.  CUWiN's system is a testbed for our software 
development.  We keep the system up-and-running as much as possible, but 
it shouldn't be thought of as a replacement for a land line.  Internet 
connectivity through our network is free, but we don't offer any service 
guarantee.  The corner of Race and Washington should have a very strong 
signal; in fact, you're in an ideal location -- but I just want to 
reiterate that our network does not come with the same sort of 
reliability as a pay-for service.


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