[CUWiN] Antenna

Frank Keeney la at pasadena.net
Tue Mar 8 12:34:50 CST 2005

I tested one of those against similar gain antennas in an open environment
with a few obstructions. I found no advantage to them and they cost more
than the others that were compared. YMMV

Frank Keeney

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> BTW, has anyone actually tried these:
> http://www.wifi-plus.com/pages/8/index.htm
> Supposed to go around obstructions.  I've done quite a bit of 
> research, and 
> all I find is press releasen.  Anything close to an objective 
> review gives 
> 404.  It does not seem to be circularly-polarized, like I'd 
> expected.  It's 
> hard to believe that it's anything other than  a helical cone 
> antenna.  
> Overall, it looks like 'snake-oil', but actual experience is valuable.
> Carl Cook

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