[CUWiN] Supported PCI 2.1 cards (eg. Belkin F5D6001)

James A. Stori jastori at uiuc.edu
Thu Mar 24 16:20:22 CST 2005


I am a new member of this email list, and am hoping to (relatively) soon 
have a CUW node up-and-running based on an older Pentium PC we have at 
home. I have been struggling to find a PCI 2.1 compatible NIC that is 
supported by the CUWin software and available for purchase.

After much searching, it appeared that the Belkin F5D6001 might be a good 
candidate. I have found references suggesting that V2101 (based on the 
ADM8211 chipset) of this card is supported by CUWin and that it is PCI 2.1 

I purchased one of these cards from a vendor who told me (prior to 
purchase) that they had V2101 available. It now appears (prior to shipping) 
that this was incorrect. Does anyone have any experience with other V2 
versions of the Belkin card?  (2102, 2114, etc.)  Would it be reasonable to 
guess that they are fundamentally the same as the 2101?  (they are 
currently suggesting V2102 as a substitute).

Thanks very much for any thoughts / feedback !

- James Stori

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