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Todd Boyle tboyle at rosehill.net
Sat Aug 5 12:30:13 CDT 2006

Since it's legal then somebody could build a turnkey
rooftop unit for point-to-point, with the Linsys WRT54G(L),
an omni on the TX, and a high-gain on the RX, weight-balanced
and wind-balanced etc. for mounting at top of a mast.
With a sister device being, a VIA Epia computer for the
family room as a client device for audio and video files.
Let the user choose who to point the receiver at, and
receive gigabit video files one after another, store on the
hard disk, like a PVR.   How complicated is that?

For the 1 thousandth time, we need a directional rooftop
device, of which, each house needs two or more, in
order to construct our urban mesh WHOEVER we want.

And the urban mesh also cannot happen, without a companion
device in the house which provides the OWNER with the control
over routing, plus, something pretty darn useful that
gives them the motivation to install all this stuff.


At 01:30 AM 8/5/2006, Aaron Kaplan wrote:
>On Fri, 2006-08-04 at 15:52 -1000, Jim Thompson wrote:
> > Aaron Kaplan wrote:
> > > For most people this is not a surprise. Nice fact is that the RX/TX
> > > separation actually works (legally) on the Linksys.
> > >
> > You are correct, it is unsurprising.  Were it not this way, the radio
> > would "blind" itself.
>yes, but the point is that it is legal to listen with high gain antennas
>with the linksys. Which was not so clear, given that the linksys has
>such a cheap cheap design. (it could have been that the TX antenna sends
>out a little bit over the RX line and when you have a super high gain
>28dBi antenna on the RX line, it goes over the 100mW EIRP again).
>Remember the linksys was build for indoor use and with the TX/RX
>separation we can stretch it even further if needed.
>:) I thought that is the good news.
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