[CUWiN] good news everyone

aaron aaron at lo-res.org
Sun Aug 13 15:33:10 CDT 2006

hi david!

> Which MIPS CPU and bootloader is on the 5gxi?  Atheros system-on-a-chip?
> I wish it had more ROM and RAM, and a different antenna.

concerning the atheros card: it is an extra mini PCI slot , so...
it just simply comes with an AR5212 type card.

about the CPU I will give you more detailed infos.

> > (BTW: what cpu power do you need for HSLS?)
> In practice, hslsd uses too much CPU because we run it with so many
> debugging messages turned on.  It is possible for the daemon to get into
> a "livelock" condition, where it is too busy printing debug messages to
> actually get work done.
> In theory, hslsd will use less CPU than any other linkstate algorithm
> running on a network of similar (large) size, both because of the
> hazy-sightedness (fewer LSUs to process), and because my implementation
> is a bit "lazy" about running shortest paths first.

ok, i see.. one thing that i would like to start in Oct./Nov is to get a
OLSR cpu optimization project started. 
This seems very important for me in order for the networks to grow.

all the best,

> Dave
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> David Young             OJC Technologies
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