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On Fri, Aug 10, 2007 at 04:35:58PM -0500, Jef Green wrote:
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> >On Mon, Aug 06, 2007 at 11:36:14AM -0500, Jef Green wrote:
> >>Thanks for the reply, David.
> >>
> >>The other question I had was whether or not it is feasible to change the
> >>private address subnets the radios will be using for user space/dhcp.  We
> >>have a rather large set of private NAT'd subnets internally already, and
> >>I'd like to have the CuWin radios conform if possible.  This way if we
> >>wanted to use a common NAT router, their would be no overlap.  We tried
> >>changing subnet declarations in the config files and even tried disabling
> >>ethip in the interface config files, but the radios rebooted with no
> >>address instead of the addresses we had declared.  Possibly their is an
> >>easier solution for this as well.  It seems the software is designed to
> >>automatically choose IPs/subnetting based on MACs of the radios, but I'd
> >>like to know if I can control or disable this function (within reason).
> >
> >I have never set up a node that way, myself.  Give me some details about
> >how you configured the node, and I will try to figure out what's gone
> >wrong in the CUWiNware.
> >
> >Dave
> >
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> >David Young             OJC Technologies
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> >
> David,
>    We finally got the desired IPs/design to stick after reboot.  We 
> basically changed the ethip and wlanip to short scripts on each radio 
> (currently two radios for testing).  The scripts return the desired IP info 
> when called.  This seems an easier solution than bypassing ethip/wlanip 
> alltogether.  The only problem we're having now is that packets headed for 
> the gateway stop at radio1(core radio) and are not routed out.  You can 
> ping all radio1 interface IPs from your laptop while associated to radio2, 
> but no where beyond radio1.  If the same laptop associates w/ radio1, it 
> gets out fine.  Looks like we're missing something here.  Attached is a 
> network a simple design layout. I pasted copies of the replacement dummy 
> scripts below.

BTW, the reason your desired IPs did not stick was that the files
/etc/ifconfig.* do not use the configuration stored in /etc/cuw_config,
but they use wlanip, et cetera, instead.  A template such as
/etc/ifconfig.ap.tmpl ought to have lines like

        inet alias $(/sbin/get_config_val $int ipv4_address)

instead of 

        inet alias $(/sbin/ethip $int)

as it has, now.  I haven't made the change and tested it, myself.

> We changed to KornShell, BTW.

I want you to know, before you write a bunch of scripts for the Korn
shell, that CUWiN uses Bourne shell, and only Bourne shell, because it
is by far the smallest shell that is part of the default NetBSD install,
and because it will suffice to run both CUWiN's scripts and the scripts
we inherit from NetBSD.  In the interest of keeping CUWiNware small,
CUWiN will not be adding or changing shells.  It may be harder for CUWiN
to support you if you use a different shell.


David Young             OJC Technologies
dyoung at ojctech.com      Urbana, IL * (217) 278-3933 ext 24

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