[CUWiN] Re: Champaign's "free" wireless.

Kristjan Onu k at omnel.pri.ee
Fri Sep 7 18:05:09 CDT 2007

> Web traffic, ICMP, and DNS are what are allowed through, everything
> else is blocked... When was the last time you sat in west side park
> and used wifi from a coffee shop?

Have you started thinking about VoIP applications? I can't see myself
using a laptop on a parkbench that often; more appealing is the idea
of widespread outdoor WiFi coverage with a dual-mode GSM/WiFi handset
to reduce the number of minutes I'd use on a cell phone plan. I think
most such handsets use SIP so getting VoIP to work with only WWW, ICMP
and DNS would seem circuitous.


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