[CUWiN] Activity?

Bob Keyes bob at sinister.com
Tue Aug 5 13:26:55 CDT 2008

On Tue, 5 Aug 2008, Todd Boyle wrote:

> I love your footnotes!

I think his .sig is too long to the point of absurdity.

> Re. the CUWIN wireless mesh apparatus, isn't it completely obsoleted by 
> products like Meraki that do the same thing for $50 without requiring 
> technical expertise?   This is just the march of time, the march of history.

Meraki is junk, and no longer $50. There's some replacement routers from 
the open-mesh people, but I am concerned about their quality. Some boards 
from places such as Gateworks seem to have a better build quality. Though 
I cannot claim to be so widely experienced with the Meraki and open-mesh 

> It seems to me the Meraki or CUWIN things still have niches in the US suburbs 
> but they're pretty sparse, pretty narrow niches. Such as emergency 
> connectivity, or a rare cirucmstances of gamers or file sharers who happen to 
> live nearby, and happen to have that rare combination of social 
> affinity/trust and technical savvy, etc.   Very rare.

I disagree. There's still vast areas without broadband, right here in the 
US. There's a wide variety of reasons why mesh wifi Internet is still 

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