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Todd Boyle tboyle at rosehill.net
Tue Aug 5 14:00:17 CDT 2008

At 11:26 AM 8/5/2008, Bob Keyes wrote:

>>Re. the CUWIN wireless mesh apparatus, isn't it completely 
>>obsoleted by products like Meraki that do the same thing for $50 
>>without requiring technical expertise?   This is just the march of 
>>time, the march of history.
>Meraki is junk, and no longer $50. There's some replacement routers 
>from the open-mesh people, but I am concerned about their quality. 
>Some boards from places such as Gateworks seem to have a better 
>build quality. Though I cannot claim to be so widely experienced 
>with the Meraki and open-mesh devices.

In the suburbs of Seattle where I live, and
given the range of previous WiFi based routers, and
given the thruput that we might expect under heavy use,

the number of people per square mile desiring that kind of
neighborhood mesh has not reached the necessary density.

In my opinion, the router would need to have greater range
than current or previous generations of routers.   I don't think
it would be sufficient if improvements in other dimensions
emerged -- such as greater thruput or lower cost or greater privacy.
Because, the level of awareness (and teh cost of building awareness)
is a critical factor that can not be overcome as easily as the
other factors, so, we are talking about a low penetration, so, we
will need greater range.  it's as simple as that.

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