ideas was Re: [CUWiN] Activity?

Tom Poe tompoe at
Wed Aug 6 23:06:55 CDT 2008

Tom Sparks wrote:
> I am going to use the nodes
> I am looking at have a
> video sharing website 
> (Creative commons/other open license, high quality
> download members
> only)
> photo sharing website
> (something like flickr, Creative commons/other open
> license),
> music sharing website (something like Jamendo, may
> even mirror some
> Jamendo music)
> streaming radio (jukebox, music from the music sharing
> website, live
> on-site streaming, DJing (on-site live, prearranged
> music and call-in
> request))
> streaming TV (video jukebox, videos from the video
> sharing website, live
> on-site streaming, studio shows (news))
> three levels of access
> level 1: visitor/traveller
> can access every website no membership to any website
> can upload videos/music (file must be approved by
> admins)
> level 2: node owners
> every person living under one roof/house size block of
> land
> get membership to every website
> level 3: admin (must own a node)
> admin access to every website, only one person
> per-location
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Sounds great!  As I understand, it offers the chance to 
create a "branded network".  You buy one unit, register your network, 
and then others can buy directly from open-mesh, provide you with info 
to register them on your network, or they can buy from you, as a 
reseller.  It also means others can create networks within your network, 
similar to your levels breakout.  But, interestingly, suppose your local 
hospital wants to run their telemedicine programs over your network.  
Or, suppose the city wants to run community alerts over your network.  
Or, suppose the church wants to run their programs over your network.  
Well, in other words it's not a big step to have multiple "branded 
networks" available.

Maybe the school gets interested in creating a "branded network" within 
yours, in order to have the kids be able to access the school network 
from their homes, to complete homework assignments in the evenings and 
on weekends.

Best, though, if your "branded network" gains a modest number of 
participants, the opportunity to put out a bid request for Internet 
providers to bid on offering Internet access at reasonable wholesale 
pricing.  Introduce competition, if-you-will.  I saw something about a 
company ( maybe more ) that provide snapshots of the Internet that could 
serve as a source of the web, where Internet access providers are scarce 
or nonexistent.

Possibilities are endless,

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