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On Wed, 2008-08-06 at 23:06 -0500, Tom Poe wrote:
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> Sounds great!  As I understand, it
offers the chance to 
> create a "branded network".  You buy one unit,
register your network, 
> and then others can buy directly from open-mesh,
provide you with info 
> to register them on your network, or they can buy
from you, as a 
> reseller.

the nodes are going to be reflashed, to add support
for Quality of
service and multicasting
we well be in talk with our local computer shops to
see if they would be
welling to sell our nodes

>  It also means others can create networks within
your network, 
> similar to your levels breakout.  But,
interestingly, suppose your local 
> hospital wants to run their telemedicine programs
over your network.  
> Or, suppose the city wants to run community alerts
over your network.  
> Or, suppose the church wants to run their programs
over your network.  
> Well, in other words it's not a big step to have
multiple "branded 
> networks" available.
> Maybe the school gets interested in creating a
"branded network" within 
> yours, in order to have the kids be able to access
the school network 
> from their homes, to complete homework assignments
in the evenings and 
> on weekends.

I dont want to have a sub-branded networks unless it
is for city regions
but it still must come under one banner
if an organisation wants to put information on the
network, they can
have a website as long as we (community) agrees on it.
the organisation must be able to host the website
in-house or we (the
community) may host the website on our hardware. (I
already know of
one/two company that run website for the town)

the people well be trained and be admins of their
we well be in talk with our IT training centres to see
if they can do I
short crash course in networking/website admins/etc
for us
that we can record (video/audio) and place under open
learning license
to host on the network 

> Best, though, if your "branded network" gains a
modest number of 
> participants, the opportunity to put out a bid
request for Internet 
> providers to bid on offering Internet access at
reasonable wholesale 
> pricing.  Introduce competition, if-you-will.  I saw
something about a 
> company ( maybe more ) that provide snapshots of the
Internet that could 
> serve as a source of the web, where Internet access
providers are scarce 
> or nonexistent.

I am in talk with website on the internet that have
contents under the
creative commons or another open license to
mirror/proxy mirror their
contents on the network
I have about three website that have said yes

this the area I am looking at covering
three towns/citys
> Possibilities are endless,
> Tom

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