[Hbrunsociety-l] Changes and the new arrangement of the lists.

Justin Glenn Smith ccaphony at sdf.lonestar.org
Tue Mar 2 22:50:45 CST 2004

In the summer of 2003 we started a low-traffic announcement
list for events related to the recently started Herbert Brun
Society. At the first meeting of the Herbert Brun Society
in Urbana during the festival in October, there was a suggestion
to add to the low-traffic, moderated, announcement listserv
another listserv, unmoderated, for discussion.

We now have started a discussion list. The announcement list
will remain a low-traffic (not more than one message every two months)
moderated listserv (moderated to prevent accidental posting of
replies to the entire list).

If you would like to subscribe to the discussion list, go to http://lists.cu.groogroo.com/cgi-bin/listinfo/hbrunsociety-discuss
If you would like to change your current subscription to the
announcement list, go to http://lists.cu.groogroo.com/cgi-bin/listinfo/hbrunsociety-l

If you have comments or suggestions about this set up,
please write to Susan Parenti at sparenti at uiuc.edu

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