[Imc-midwest-regional] Conference on Oct 19-21

Sascha Meinrath meinrath at students.uiuc.edu
Mon Oct 1 09:49:23 CDT 2001

Hello all.

You are being warmly invited participate in:

	     An IndyMedia/Grassroots Media Gathering and Workshop
                 Friday, October 19th - Sunday, October 21st
             (Urbana, Illinois) Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center
	 Info at:
	 Registration at:


The focus of this gathering is to share SKILLS about: reporting, using
equipment (such as minidiscs, video cameras, computers, and more),
organizing ideas.

The focus of this gathering is to share IDEAS about: linking to your
communities, fostering projects with your neighbors, developing
alternatives to your local corporate-oriented news sources.

The focus of this gathering is to share DESIGNS about:  connecting all
indymedias and grassroot medias, coordinating voices and resources
between ourselves, generating support mechanisms to aid with developing
new indy and grassroot media project.


There are lots of skills, ideas, and designs to be shared.  A good time to
start is now, with this first gathering.

Interested in participating?  GREAT!  Fill out our two minute registration
form at this link:

By registring, you help us get a sense as to how many people will be
showing up.  And thus, we ask folks to register by no later than Monday,
October 15th (and sooner if possible), to help us coordinate things on our
end (such as housing and food).

There will be food and other small expenses, and thus we ask, for those
who can, to donate $20-???? to help defer costs of this event.

We, the folks of the UC-IMC, will provide housing for all who wish to
attend, but we recommend you bring your own sleeping bag!


Need more info?  Please feel free to contact:
     Brian Hagy at bhagy at onthejob.net,
     the regional conference listserve at
             imc-regional-midwest at urbana.indymedia.org,
     visit the u-cimc website at http://urbana.indymedia.org,
     or call the u-cimc at (217) 344-8820.


See you all at the gathering!

yours, in indymedia,

Brian Hagy & Sascha Meinrath

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