[Imc-midwest-regional] proposal for dates for the midwest gathering

Brian Hagy bhagy at onthejob.net
Mon Sep 3 17:40:12 CDT 2001

howdy folks,

time to spur some committment!  i'm proposing that the midwest indy
conference/workshop/gathering/brainstorm/networking/partay/et al be held
during the weekend of October 19th (thus, friday october 19, saturday
october 20, and sunday october 21).  the crux of the event would be on
saturday, plus perhaps some "workshop" type of stuff (like how to
501(c)(3) yerselves, and the such) could be on sunday, and friday for
introductionary games, puzzles, and so forths.  since saturday would be
the heart of the event, it would give folks who need traveling time a
chance to do so (on friday and sunday).

this email is not meant to confirm a schedule (meaning what will happen on
which day).  it's more a request to confirm the date, so that we can start
announcing it to the various imc's and other grassroots indy sources,
giving those who would need to travel great distances (ya know, like the
lunar imc, and such) can have a chance to plan ahead.  plus it'll give us
here at the urbana imc to have a chance to find housing.

comments, suggestions, wild antics?  does this weekend work?  or is there
some major conflict which can't be avoided (perhaps some worldwide
protest).  if so, suggest a better date.


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