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Suzanne Linder suzanne.linder at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 09:26:27 CDT 2005

How many cadets are we talking about and what meal? My understanding is that
we are asking for help before the sale and at the end of the sale, correct?
They don't have to hang around all day during the sale. I think it would be
reasonable to provide breakfast after everything is moved up from the IMC
basement--I would be willing to coordinate getting that together if other
people on the list think they could contribute food for a meal. We could
also do some kind of sack lunch/dinner if they wanted a meal before they
took things down.

It would help to know how many people we will be feeding and what type of
meal they would like to have.

What do other people think?

On 9/21/05, blue2 at net66.com <blue2 at net66.com> wrote:
> Joe Comunale at Lincoln's Challenge is asking if we plan to
> provide a meal (not a snack) to cadets who work during our sale.
> They have not confirmed they can be there (scheduling and
> staffing problems may interfere this time) but Joe says he will do
> his best and expressed support for the BTP project's work.
> Anyway, in my letter requesting help, I have to say whether or not
> we can provide a meal. I did not get the impression that it is a
> requirement, more so they can be prepared.
> Thoughts?
> Meg
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