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Thu Aug 15 15:47:40 CDT 2002

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>dave and i have been scheduling individual meetings with the urbana city
>council to discuss public funding of a wireless prototype.  thus far, 3
>have endorsed the plan and one more is likely to lend their support over
>the weekend.  support would include paying for a T1 connection, granting
>access to city property rooftops, paying for basic tools for the project,
>and subsidizing basic supply purchases.  we will probably end up asking
>for $15-20k/year.  please keep this information confidential for now.
>in other news, as decided at our last wireless meeting, we will be signing
>a fiscal sponsorship contract with the Urbana-Champaign IMC as soon as i
>can corner dave.  this will mean that all donations to the project will be
>tax deductible.

First of all, AFAIK, the last wireless meeting was a week ago Thursday, and I never heard anything about a "fiscal partnership."  I'm not opposed to such a partnership, I just don't want our course of action to be decided by "secret meetings."  To this point, CU-wireless has grown well as a free and open organization; I'd like to see this policy of free and open conversation continue.

Sascha, if you wanted the information to remain confidential, you should have announced it at the meeting (as others have done) rather than post it to the list.  Our website links directly to the mailing list archives without authentication.  Therefore, anyone who visits the website can access the archives, including your most recent message.
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