[Cu-wireless] progress ; contributions, please ; meeting?

stephane at shimaore.net stephane at shimaore.net
Mon Aug 26 16:40:25 CDT 2002

Hi Dave,

> I have finished implementing the new network design on the CD-ROM,
> I think.  I've yet to burn a CD-ROM. Stephane and I should do some
> interoperability tests, first.

Yup. Still have to boot that JFFS2 image (didn't get time to work on it
this WE).

> Shall we have a meeting on Thursday? I do not think my office is
> available this week. Is there any alternative venue?

We could do it at my home. Papa John's is a couple blocks away, so we
could have easy access to our regular diet food. :)

> There are some parts and supplies we will need as we install at more
> homes. Please consider contributing to the purchase price of
>   1 Recordable CD-ROMs. I have about depleted my supply. We might save
>     some money using re-recordable CD-ROMs. I have never used
>     re-recordables before w/ cdrecord. Is it pretty simple?

No idea; I've always used cheapo-recordable and never bothered trying
re-recordable (the fact I don't have a CDRW drive probably doesn't help).
On the other hand I've a spindle (spelling?) of CDRs I just started which
we could use.

>   3 Weatherproofing kits for N connectors. You can buy a kit consisting
>     of mastic tape, electrical tape, and heat shrink from fab-corp.com.
>     (Remember that they offered us a discount.) Also, we will need a
>     heat gun, torch, or high-power blow dryer for applying heat shrink.

Any recommendations for the heatgun/torch/blowdryer thing?


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