[Cu-wireless] progress ; contributions, please ; meeting?

stephane at shimaore.net stephane at shimaore.net
Mon Aug 26 22:33:42 CDT 2002

> > I have finished implementing the new network design on the CD-ROM,
> > I think.  I've yet to burn a CD-ROM. Stephane and I should do some
> > interoperability tests, first.
> Yup. Still have to boot that JFFS2 image (didn't get time to work on it
> this WE).

Got time to work on it tonight. I have all the pieces ready, but I need to
start over because the boot loaders won't support JFFS2 (yet..). So the
boot process needs to first start a kernel either from initrd or from an
ext2fs partition (read-only), which in turn will be able to access (and
boot) the actual system. So more or less I think I'll need:

  a /boot partition (ext2fs), containing the kernel (RO)
  a /     partition (jffs2), containing the system (RW)

Hopefully I'll get some time to work on it tomorrow night and have
something ready for Thursday.


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