[Cu-wireless] status report

Perry Melange pmelange at null.cc.uic.edu
Fri Dec 20 17:45:50 CST 2002

Should we place another order for antennas?  I'm willing to pitch in.  
What do we need (and how much is it)?


On Thu, 19 Dec 2002, David Young wrote:

> There are new stations at Zach's and at Peter Miller's next-door
> neighbor's. Zach's begins a new network in the vicinity of Urbana
> High School.
> I can barely pick up Zach's at my house, and only if I stick the antenna
> out the front window in the attic. The roof seems to soak up the signal
> like a sponge.
> At my house, the signal strength hovers around -90dBm. That is way under
> the LinkSys radio's -80dBm receive sensitivity, but it was just strong
> enough that I could ssh to Zach's with a Senao card.
> Ivan's house is a little nearer to Zach's, I think. Hopefully the signal
> strength is higher there. If it is, then several of Ivan's neighbors
> (including me) should be able to get connected.
> We will run out of antennas, soon.
> It is still on my to-do list to survey Perry's house.
> Dave

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