[Cu-wireless] Re: Cu-wireless digest, Vol 1 #122 - 3 msgs

The Morenz Family mmorenz at ameritech.net
Sun May 5 07:24:07 CDT 2002

>Tomorrow I will burn and test the first CD from my read-only hard
>drive, just to get the process down.  The CD will not bootstrap from the
>configuration database because the database is not written.  It will not
>route because I have not gotten with someone who knows OSPF so that we
>can configure Zebra's OSPF daemon together.

Wow! I'm personally not able to follow the significance of it all at 
this point, but it sounds like you're making good progress. Here is 
some code that could probably help you with that...it's an open 
source multi-threaded routing toolkit

Here's a wlan driver for configuring base stations...

Here's a utility that coordicates arp and cam tables (even does cisco 
discovery protocol) for access points...

and, finally, Here's an OSPF tutorial (one of many, many that are on 
the web)...


-Mark A. Morenz, MS Ed, CCNA+BSCN, CCAI

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