[Cu-wireless] Wirless Router Issue

Ralph Johnson johnson at cs.uiuc.edu
Fri Aug 1 04:26:28 CDT 2003

The problem is that the netbsd router is connected to
a LAN that is connected to the internet through an
"el cheapo" firewall/router.  I use a D-Link, Madhur
uses a Netgear.  When we send packets from a remote
machine though the netbsd router to the firewall,
they never come back.	  I think it is because the
firewall/router is not a real router, but assumes
that all packets coming to it are destined for the
local network.  It doesn't know what to do with 
packets that are supposed to be forwarded to another

One solution is to get rid of the el cheapo router
and put another ethernet card on the netbsd router
so it can act like the firewall, provide NAT, etc.
But we are wondering what kind of solutions we could
have with a machine with a single ethernet card.


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