[Cu-wireless] New iso images/pkg add

Madhur Nigam nigam at students.uiuc.edu
Sun Aug 17 15:32:27 CDT 2003

hello all,

I want to include a few packages into the cu wireless build that i have so that i can use the security features that i have worked on. the packages are


Can anyone tell me how i can do that? I tried doing pkg_add however it says that 
tar: Cannot create bin/pty-redir (Read-only file system). 
This is cuz i am booting off a CD.

Now I have a netbsd machine too that runs netbsd 1.6. Can i somehow include these packages with the cu build on that machine and create a new iso image so that when burned i get the packages already included? 
If yes then can anyone tell me how to do that?

thanks a lot
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