[Cu-wireless] Node hardware recommendations

Kristjan Onu onu-cuw at 29.ca
Tue Jul 8 17:31:24 CDT 2003

David Young wrote:
> Kristjan Onu wrote:
> > Since we're almost within reach of current CUW nodes (W. Elm, between
> > Coler and Busey), it seems like a good idea to get hardware that will
> > make it easy to join the CUW.
>   That is pretty close. Is the building two or more stories tall?
>   Roof access?

At Elm & Coler, a two story house, though it's surrounded by buildings
taller than it. At Elm & Busey, also a two story, but with much better
"visibility". In both cases, I expect to get roof access, but will try
to confirm with landlords this week.

It would be preferable (cheaper) to have our Internet "feed" at Elm &
Busey, though this has the disadvantage of being farther from current
nodes. Is there any chance that by placing the node at Elm & Coler
instead we could reach current nodes? If so, then instead of paying
for our own Internet feed we could contribute to pay for the CUW's


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