[Cu-wireless] buying stuff

Zachary C. Miller zach at chambana.net
Fri Apr 9 15:55:29 CDT 2004

We're going to buy the following stuff. If anyone has any good ideas
on where we can get this stuff for cheaper, please let us know.

I think we should buy the following:

50 x Reliawave DT-ODE-8585 Outdoor Pole Mount Enclosure Kit
   They will only change the location of the antenna hole for a
   quantity of 100. Prices without shipping are $64.95 for one
   unit. $55.20/each (15% off) for 50 units ($2760). $51.96/each (20%
   off) for 100 units ($5190). They didn't specifically confirm that
   this quote was for units without power injectors so we may get it
   for a bit less.

50 x 3054 MP Aries 802.11g MiniPCI card
   $89 from netgear.com ($4450)
   $75 from hautespot.net ($3750)

40 x Soekris net4511-30
   $149 from soekris.com ($7450)
10 x Soekris net4526-30
   $152 from soekris.com ($1520)
   The soekris boards drop a bit in price if we order 100.

40 x 64MB Compact Flash Cards
   $18 from digi4me.com ($720)
   This is a price from pricewatch.com. I'm not entirely confident
   there isn't a catch. I just requested a quote.
   $22.11 from Thenerds.net ($884.40)

50 x pigtails
   I haven't gotten a quote back from rfparts.com. I will call them. 
   guess: $20 ($1000)

50 x 8 dBi antenna 
   I haven't gotten a quote back from netnimble.com yet. I will call them. 
   base price: $50 from netnimble.com. ($2500)

200 x RJ-45 connectors
   $.12 ($24)

10 x Butyl Mastic Tape and Electrical Tape
   $13.95 ($139.50)

1 x Shielded Outdoor Cat5
   $319 for 1000 feet. We may not need this now. 

total: $20182.50 = ~ $403/node

Infrastructure - 

Cat5 KVM Extender
  Belkin OmniView CAT5 KVM Extender - $220.32 from Thenerds.net

3 x 1000VA Back-UPS RS
  $185.92 each from Thenerds.net

Netopia 4652 SDSL Router 
  $315.66 from TheNerds.net

There's more infrastructure stuff but we should wait and buy it later. 

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